Assemblyman Al Stirpe (D-Cicero) continues to advocate for legislation he authored that closes schools on Election Day (A.444). With increased concerns about school safety across the country, closing school on Election Day is a commonsense practice already adopted by many local districts, including the North Syracuse Central School District.

“Closing schools is a simple fix that could make a major difference in the safety of our kids,” said Stirpe. “By scheduling professional development days or staff events on Election Day, we can ensure our youth remain safe and focused on learning.”

Stirpe’s bill also allows a school to appeal its designation as a polling place. Schools are often ideal polling places because they’re centrally located, are ADA compliant and usually have parking.  Stirpe also noted that the Onondaga County Board of Elections encourages schools to close for the day.

While schools in New York City are closed on Election Day, many schools across the state are not, something Stirpe’s bill would change.