Al’s Issues

Protecting YOUR money

Helped reduce the income tax rate for middle-class families to its lowest in 60 years

Reduced the property tax burden for Central New Yorkers by providing rebate checks to homeowners

Increased funding for our schools and reformed Common Core to help students and teachers reach higher standards


Helping create jobs

Secured $5 Million to create the UAS Job Fund, which has helped attract 5 companies and create close to 200 good-paying jobs

Secured funding for advanced manufacturing training so workers can learn the skills needed to land good-paying jobs for the new economy

Eliminated the income tax on manufacturers and cut their property taxes by 20% to spur economic growth

Slashed the business tax rate to its lowest level since 1968 to attract more companies to our region


Working for you

Increased the minimum wage to help hardworking families

Fighting for full equality for women by passing all 10 points of the Women’s Equality Act

Protected families by strengthening penalties against gun violence

Passed tough ethics laws to crack down on corrupt politicians, ensuring they are held accountable

Supports further ethics law changes, like closing the LLC loophole and eliminating outside income for legislators